Final Exams

Well, the fall semester is almost over, just one more day of class left, Monday.  Then we have two reading days and our first final exam, Torts.  I am lucky to have a brilliant professor for Torts, but his brillance comes with a certain amount of difficulty for us.  He provided us with several sample exam questions to practice our writing during the semester.  The crazy part is that with all the model answers he showed us, he said they were solid Bs.  I can’t say the exam doesn’t worry me, because it does.  If this were an undergraduate class I wouldn’t be so worried.  But the curve could be helpful or painful, I have a lot of very intelligent people in my class that probably spend more time studying.  So they have two steps on me.

My overall final exam schedule isn’t too bad.  There are at least three days between all the exams, including between the last day of class and the first exam.  The professors are all scheduling reviews for us as well.  My schedule for exams is the following Torts, Property, Civil Procedure, and Property.  I have already completed the memo, so there is nothing else for lawyering.

I have noticed some of my fellow classmates are becoming very stressed out.  They seem to look a little lost and just seem generally stressed out.  If you try and talk to them they are clearly on edge.  Hopefully they don’t let it effect their studying.

Speaking of studying, I need to get back to it.

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