First Day of Orientation

Well, the first day of orientation is over.  It has been an exciting, long day.  We started off meeting the other students in our section.  My section has a good group of folks.  Each section is in class together throughout the semester.  Our sections are small, there are about 12 sections in the 230 or so students.  The small classes have 1-2 sections while the larger classes have 3-4 sections.  My section has varied experiences, undergrad degrees, and desires to go to law school.  The variations will offer additional perspective during the discussions in classes.

After our initial morning meeting as a group, we were given a welcomes by the Deans, Law School President, and an Alum, Judge Graffeo from the New York Court of Appeals.  She gave a fantastic speech and provided a great message about career paths, ethics, and how interests and goals change over time.  She also did a great job answering questions asked.

We moved on to a group breakout session where we got to know our section better and our faculty/professor advisor better.  We have a great professor as a mentor/advisor.

During the afternoon Penelope Andrews, the President and Dean of the School.  She is a very funny, intelligent woman that gave a great speech and provided an excellent message.  She also did a great job fielding questions from the group.  She has excellent plans to increase the reach of Albany Law and provide increased opportunities for all of us.

We ended the day in a case briefing and legal analysis class to help us brief cases better and be up to speed, or at least more so, on the first day.

I also bought my books today, $955.00, OUCH!  I will talk about this more and expand a bit later.  I have to read and brief some cases for tomorrow’s sample class.

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