The Choice of Law Schools

Unlike many other law school applicants, the February LSAT is the only one I took.  I briefly studied for it, not nearly as hard as I should have, but I still managed a 157, the 70% percentile for that test.  I wasn’t looking for a ticket to Harvard or Yale, I had a few schools in my sights already.  I own a home that my family lives in so it isn’t easy for me to just pack it all up and go.  But, I suppose, if I didn’t have kids I could.

I applied to several schools, all within 3 hours of my home.  The Schools were; Albany Law School, Western New England Law School, Vermont Law School, University of New Hampshire Law School, Roger Williams Law School, Suffolk Law School, and New England Law School.  My top three schools, in order of choice, are Albany Law School, Western New England Law School, and Vermont Law School.  Suffolk Law, New England Law, and Roger Williams are too far away to be viable candidates.  I applied since the fee was waived and I wanted to have options, in case they did become viable.

All the schools provided some form of scholarship, all with generally easy requirements to maintain.  The awards ranged from $15,000 to $25,000 per year.  The more the better with the huge cost of a legal education.

The law school I decided to attend is Albany Law School.  It is the closest to me and offered the most aid of the schools.  I am in the process of arranging a tour of the campus, as I have never been there before.

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