Thanksgiving Break

Well, Thanksgiving break is now over.  We we’re lucky enough to have Wednesday through Sunday off, and even luckier to have classes cancelled by the Professor on Tuesday as well.  This long break was great to help provide a bit of “time off”.  But, our legal memos were due on Tuesday and that project has basically destroyed three weeks of November, it is 85% of our grade for the lawyering class.  So, like everyone else this break, I had huge plans on reading and catching up on what I missed because of that damn memo.

What a surprise, it didn’t work out like I thought it would.  I did catch up on some of the reading, but not all of it.  I will be spending a large amount of time this week reading and focusing on certain topics in preparations for exams.  Yeah, exams are in two or so weeks. FML.  It adds a bit of stress to everything, but, I can only study and try to do well.  Stressing out too much about it won’t help anyone.

But, after handing in the memo, I am feeling a bit anxious.  There is that whole “curve” thing and all.  I definitely don’t want to be at the bottom of it.  Overall, I have to do well to keep my scholarships, but, with the legal market the way it is…I really have to do well or I will be trying to hang my own shingle after school.  Although, I wouldn’t mind going solo after school.  But, in all reality, I would need more experience to be able to offer my clients acceptable work product.  But, I don’t need to think about that at all right now.

This weekend was time to spend with my family, as they have been a bit neglected during this first semester, and, I really enjoyed it.  Although I don’t enjoy all the extra reading I will be doing this week, and in a few minutes from now.

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