Two exams down, two to go!

Well, two exams down and two to go.  The two I am done are Torts and Property.  I had thought Torts would be among the hardest and Property would be among the easier.  Civil Procedure is this Friday and Contracts is on Tuesday.

I noticed during my property exam that some of my classmates are really freaking out.  A girl that sat in front of me during the exam began quickly and aggressively asking us questions about property rules right before the exam started.  Her anxiety was unbelievably high and effecting my pre-exam relaxation.  They are just exams, it isn’t life or death, no one is losing their house.  These are not really crazily stressful exams.  During the exam instructions she sat their eating her bagel like a nervous squirrel.  I will be staying as far away from her as possible for all other exams.

Well, I need to get back to Civ Pro studying.

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